Nano Essential Oil Car Diffuser

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Whether you’re looking to liven up a room or add some much needed moisture, The Coral Gables Electric Diffuser serves your every need. This ultrasonic essential oils diffuser is customizable, tailoring to virtually any living or working space. With various speeds that work with bigger or smaller spaces, the Electric Diffuser imbues any space it’s in with serenity and tranquility.


– With air compression atomization technology, only pure essential oil is added without water for heating. The essential oil is directly atomized to nanoscale aroma particle which can be suspended in the air for a long time to keep lasting and uniform effect; It can cover 120 square meters and the whole room will be filled with aroma within several minutes;
– Used along with deodorization product formula to remove bromhidrosis, smell of cigarettes, smell of pets, odor of shoes, cooking smell and other peculiar smells; Used along with various useful essential oil: help sleep, soothe the nerves, relieve your emotion, travel and vehicle-mounted purposes.
– Wireless and Portable: With built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, it can last for 80 hours after charging for 3 hours with USB. Low oil consumption: 10ml essential oil bottle can be used for 70 hours. Bottle switching: It is compatible with 5, 10, 15 and 20ml essential oil bottles. You can easily switch between essential oil with different purposes. The atomization nozzle can be removed to be directly cleaned with water or alcohol.
– The touch-type control button is easy to operate. Timing function: With four timing modes, the machine can be automatically shut down after 1-3 hours or set to be stay on for a long time. Concentration adjustment: Controlled with three ranges of fragrance, it is suitable for spaces with different sizes.
– With compact appearance, fits perfectly inside the cup holder in a vehicle. It is made with aluminium alloy housing with high-end durable and fashionable material. Romantic and soft saffron yellow atmosphere lamp is also one of the features. (Long press the atomization control button to turn on/off the atmosphere lamp.)


Color Gray
Material Aluminum
Capacity Oil Bottle Capacity (5ml -20ml)
Size 5.0(H) x 2.8(Diameter) inch

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5.0(H) x 2.8(Diameter) inch

1 review for Nano Essential Oil Car Diffuser

  1. Jennifer

    I love this in my car. Changing the oil bottle is simple. My car smells good. I’ve noticed that when my car starts it turns on. I don’t have to recharge it often.

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