Nano Dual Nozzle Essential Oil Diffuser


Whether you’re looking to liven up a room or add some much needed moisture, The Coral Gables Electric Diffuser serves your every need. This ultrasonic essential oils diffuser is customizable, tailoring to virtually any living or working space. With various speeds that work with bigger or smaller spaces, the Electric Diffuser imbues any space it’s in with serenity and tranquility.


– As an essential oil sprayer and aroma diffuser with an elegant dual nozzle design, this aroma diffuser can perfectly atomize and spray pure plant essential oils from two different nozzles using the dual-fluid spray technology, so that you can enjoy a comfortable aromatherapy experience in warm-color ambient lights.
– Double Nozzle Design: With the dual nozzle design you can switch fragrances that’ll match with different moods. For example; one fragrance could be set for waking up to citrusy aromas that’ll spur your morning while another can be for a relaxing evening of lavender and peony. The dual nozzle prevents fragrance fatigue while being easy to use and clean.
– Intelligent Timing Function: 5 working time options (1hr / 2hr / 4hr / 8hr / unlimited time) and 6 intermittent time settings (30 sec / 60 sec / 90 sec / 120 sec / 180 sec) can be set, allowing up to 30 working modes. We recommend setting a time that’s appropriate for the size of your space; For Example: smaller spaces equal longer intervals.
– Powerful Battery Life: Save time and power with intermittent dispersion. Spray for 5 seconds, stop for 180 seconds. It can be used for about 250 hours and only takes 6.5 hours to be fully charged, depending on the actual conditions such as the use environment. Easy to carry for travel with only one charger, as type-C supports charging with multi-device.
– Detachable Nozzle: If the mist amount decreases after a period of use, take out the atomizer core at the top of the straw, soak in isopropyl alcohol, clean and dry it then put it back in the machine to recover the spray effect (Note: the body is not waterproof).
– Anti-Spill Patented Design: Even if the essential oil is turned over or upside down, it is not easy to leak (before use, please put it on the right side for 5 minutes after turning over or upside down, in order to avoid depositing essential oil directly sprayed out without atomization.)


Color Orange
Material Aluminum
Capacity Oil Bottle Capacity (5ml -20ml)
Size 5.7(L) x 2.5(W) x 4.8(H) inch

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5.7(L) x 2.5(W) x 4.8(H) inch


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