Electric Candle Lighter


The Coral Gables USB rechargeable lighter uses eco-friendly and clean electric energy to replace the toxic butane and other fuel energy lighters. This flameless lighter is oil-free, smoke-free, odorless and windproof, providing much more convenient and safer environment.


– For charging, simply connect the lighter with USB cable to any outlet.
– Please connect the charger when you use it for the first time or hasn’t been used in a long time. Disconnect and reconnect once for charging.
– The battery is rechargeable and takes about one hour to fully recharge. To prolong battery’s lifetime, please charge when in frequent use and do not charge if you are not using it.
– Since the ignition discharge power is high, please control the ignition time and DO NOT exceed 10 seconds. DO NOT use the product continuously to avoid skin burn and product damage.
– Intelligent charging protects the product without overcharging. Please charge the product when it is in low power and disconnect the charger after it is fully charged. This can prolong your battery life.


This product is checked for quality and safety standards. The following safety measure must be observed when using this product.
– Keep away from children at all times.
– Unless directed by our company’s authorized technician, DO NOT disassemble the product for any reason.
– Store and use product in room temperature and do not place the product in high temperature or in direct sunlight or inside of a car for a long duration at any time.
– Keep away from water or other liquids.
– Any direct or strong impact will damage the product.

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